Wherever he went

They met at a cafĂ© and sat at an angle to each other. They exchanged a couple of pleasantries and sipped on their espressos. You could feel the tension building up in the air, his eyes pierced with intensity as he was preparing to let out the essence of his existence, the love he felt he let out in pulses, carefully-timed and released, shattering everything in sight with tenderness and compassion. It left a mark on everyone and everything it touched. It was impossible to accept anything else after you felt it, it came into your world and permuted your entire life, it made you feel happiness as richness, inner peace as success, your body’s energy and vibration as tremendous wealth. It made you take in everything you felt and go crazy with the intensity of living.

That was the meaning of his life, to spread his all-encompassing love wherever he went, to whoever he met, just to feel alive.

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