And sometimes your life goes a mile a minute.

Wine with pretty girl on Wednesday (kissed her, she didn’t slap me), bags, three hours of sleep, airport, check in, loud americans, awesome flight, vortex generators on wing, 100 pages, bus and tram, grandma, meatballs, taxi, minibus, hometown, other grandma, minibus, old friend, kebabs and eclairs, 1 liter of milk, old friends, 1 liter of beer, taxi, five hours of sleep, guitar, omelette, buy guitar picks, tea with friend, walking around with other friend, excellent pizza, bags for seaside, old friend, walk, kebab, taxi, pick up bags, go to other friend, beer…and no sleep for me tonight!

This was the recap of the first two days of my epic five-day Romanian escapade.

It’s three thirty in the morning, and I’m loving every femtosecond of my life. Here’s to you, my friends.


I decided to invest some energy into lucid dreaming. I’m currently journaling everything I remember, with  clear results. My dreams are starting to be as intense as memories, because I experience the same story twice.

The first time is the dream itself. The world I see is lively, detailed, and it incorporates many thoughts and memories from my everyday life. I dreamed, for example, of a woman who in the real world had breast cancer. In my dream, she had filled her brassiere with padding. My dream world also incorporates novel ideas. Last night, I dreamed of this fixed-gear bike, which I saw online yesterday. The bike in my dream had furniture rollers for wheels.

The second time is when I recall the dream. I write everything down, and random details suddenly pop into my mind. I remember pretty much everything about the girl I was going to have sex with last night, had I not woken up. I’m able to recollect  into so much detail that I need to reassure myself it was only a dream, and that nothing really happened. It’s all in my head, and the ones around me don’t know about it. I’m a bit worried that one day, we may not have this degree of mental privacy – but that time is hopefully far away.

I think it is a pity to lose track of your dreams. They are the world in which you are free.

And sometimes II

I have realized how much I have changed. I am now closer to my own persona than I have ever been before. I feel inner peace, and, as a result, the need for perpetual change. I know I’ll be on this road for a long, long time.