A heart of gold

Late at night, I always look for that corner. It is the one that makes my heart feel warm. It is the niche where I am always reminded I am not the only one who feels the way I feel. Have I found such home? Can there be one such abode? I hear back from so many people who love me … they inspire me to build everything by myself.

I try to savor the feeling, be it happiness or grief. I want my routine permeated by sentiments, because regardless of their nature, they make me feel alive. My strive for identity is showing results – I invariably smile when someone classifies me. Is it because I feel someone paid attention? Is it because no matter what they say, I will go my way? Is it both?

I see myself capable of all emotions, from agony to love. I faithfully and honestly express them … here. This is why I feel the place I am looking for is no other than this page. Here, I see myself as I was. Here, I see what I have become. Here, the process of being is time-dependent. Here, the process of being makes my soul feel warm.


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