A horizontal dilemma

Cioran once wrote that

“the shades of the sky compel equivalent changes in the soul.”

The overcast is dark and gray. The frozen, coagulated air seems to dampen all echoes – yet all screams are crystal-clear, and so the mundane borderline sensory deprivation is marked by intense moments of intolerably clear panic. Inner tension ensues, I need to shake it loose. I seek shelter. Home.

Our upright position helps us look at the world around us, but this “verticality” only keeps us trapped within what slowly becomes a horizontal dilemma.

Deep in the human nature lies our urge to transcend. For this, we must lie down. Facing up, we seek divinity, in any form we are tempted to believe it exists. Facing down, we look deep into ourselves.

Is it really that simple? What if we look into the sky and find ourselves? What if we look into ourselves and find divinity? What if we find heaven or hell, or hell, what if we find both and none at the same time?

So much uncertainty is surely enough for me. I be explorin’.

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