A little time

As some of you may already know, I will be moving in a few days.

I’ve spent eight full years here, exactly one third of my entire life. In these years I broke off from my childhood and began to discover the boundaries between myself and others. In these years I found that I do have a soul, and that regardless of anything that may happen, it will be mine, untouchable from the outside. In these years I began to take responsibility for my soul and I was led on the inward journey that will never cease. In these years I learned that the only way I can show my true self is through being shamelessly vulnerable, by speaking about myself, openly, tachles and personally. In these years I learned to throw my soul on a platter and offer it to the world, knowing I can care for it and nurture it myself, no matter what happens. In these years I learned that true friendship only arises when I do all of the above, and meet another who does the same. In these years I learned how to play by myself or with others in this grand spectacle, on this grand stage which we call life. And in these years I learned to go past the most beautiful of lies and find life and truth and meaning and beauty within myself.

My leaving is not abrupt, and my emotions flow smoothly, as smooth as my life within me. And I took my life with me when I came here from Bucharest, and I am taking my life with me now, onward. My life, everything is already in here, within myself and my soul, for safe and warm keeping.

I will see you soon.

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