In the desert

The balls of dust rolled gently across the high desert plain, caressing the dry crust with their touch. The dust dived and soared, headed for our bare feet only to flow around us at the last second, surrounding us, uniting us with the earth.

We walked and walked, stepping strong on the hard ground, or having our toes sink into the softer brown earth. And so does mother nature caress any soul willing to find itself in this barren, open space.

You cannot miss yourself here. The void screams at you in your own voice, it throws at you the most liquid emotions you could conceive. You have no escape from them. You face disappointment, solitude and cold regret, you face the solid walls you built to escape the world. You draw a short breath as you crash into their might.

The shock goes through you as the pressure pins you down. The monolith is hard, cold and unforgiving. The change in momentum melts down your fears. Your inner emotions become as liquid as those outside. Every tissue in your body screams ‘I am alive, I am alive!’ as you break through the walls in sheer resolve. The fear is gone. You are now alive. You feel.

And so we walked and walked on the desert floor, with wider eyes and warmer hearts.

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