Make it last

You have done your chores, you have brushed your teeth, and you have said good night to everyone. You come back to your room, close the door behind you, and as you are about to turn off the light, you hesitate.

You look at the empty space around you. And then you start staring. Everything is unchanged. What have you done today?

You feel a stream of cold emptiness slowly flowing through your mind. This is the point where people start listing reasons – invariably making themselves think they are not failures. People are not good at failing, you know. When people fall, they fall miserably.

But you do not steer your mind toward anything. You do not feel compelled to remember the day’s successes. You prefer to pause for a while, because this limbo suits you. Are you out of your mind?

You do it because the happiness comes by itself. Make it last, baby.

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