Static pressure

And stop.

The passing of time makes distances grow larger. I sometimes think my homeland is too far away to reach, too far away for me to grasp. That land and its people have become a living dream, where everything comes to life when I decide to pay it a visit.

My friends seem to be nothing but ghosts. From a thousand kilometers away, I cannot verify their existence. I cannot see whether they are alive or dead. I sometimes feel I share my deepest emotions with images that vanish and then reappear into my life.

It is confusing, because the soul does not want this sort of change. The soul is intrinsically afraid of solitude. The soul wants to be around solid figures, monuments, because monuments will always be there when he needs them. The soul wants eternity, because it needs to be reassured it will be loved forever. Otherwise, the soul becomes afraid.

I am always afraid when I leave. I feel I will never go back. I feel I will be alone. My soul is afraid.


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  • Agreed.

    Boo-hoo-hoo we will haunt you!

    Life can be easy, hard, interesting, challenging, lame, noteworthy, soap, fuckable, thoughtful, hard, hardcore, bitchy, adventurous, mild, sexy, silky, risky, etc.

    We’ve challenged a shitload of stupidity, vanity and incompetence here.

    Don’t point your finger at me, I’ve fought. I’ve fought and failed. You can find my rotten body on the battlefield. Harsh odour, that’s right! You’ve got it!

    I’m not a ghost, I’m totally real, alive and kicking. Maybe a bit tired, maybe a bit used… maybe a bit lost and disappointed. But totally alive!

    Don’t worry man, I’m alive. We’re alive, livelier than ever. Working our asses out of this shithole.

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